Marvel's Latest Inhuman Is a Body-Swapping Antihero

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It feels like almost every other new Marvel character at the moment is an Inhuman—especially with the arrival of Ulysses on the scene in Civil War II. But the latest member of the Terrigen-enhanced family is a bit different from his other counterparts... like the fact he doesn’t have a body of his own, for starters.


The Inhuman alter ego of basketball star Morris Sackett, Mosaic is what Sackett becomes after his transformation upon contact with the Terrigen Mists that turns Humans with latent genes into their true inhuman selves—robbed of his old body, Mosaic has to jump into the bodies of those around him in order to survive.

Mosaic design concept by Stuart Immonen.
Mosaic design concept by Stuart Immonen.

Marvel have been teasing the character over the last few months, but have now revealed his origins, as well as his true connection to the Inhumans, in an extensive preview and interview over at Vulture. Aside from making an appearance in the Uncanny Inhumans ongoing, Mosaic is set to star in his own new ongoing in October, from writer Geoffrey Thorne and with art by Khary Randolph. The way Thorne describes him, you can expect to see lots of sneaking around as Morris hops from body to body:

The baseline is Morris can take over a person’s body and essentially become them. He has access to every memory, every talent, and most important, every nuance of speech and behavior his host might have. There are no barriers when Morris takes a host. He is you. Not even a telepath could detect his presence unless he wanted them to. He cannot be detected or blocked by any conventional surveillance or defensive equipment, not even Stark-level tech. He is the perfect spy. He doesn’t exist on the “astral plane.” Morris physically takes over your body — sort of like a parasite or a virus made of energy. There are some other powers, one in particular, that I’m holding back, and limitations and drawbacks, which he and we will learn.

Pretty nifty! There’s a big push around Morris, especially as a new black hero in Marvel’s roster—after of his debut in Uncanny Inhumans #11 next week, the Mosaic series is getting a free 10-page origin story in August, which will be made available at Barnes and Nobles stores. Suffice to say, Marvel really wants you to know about this guy.



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Much of his powers seem to be an defensive answer that you might have with a character you made up, and your friends are trying to tear down. “Oh yeah, well he wouldn’t know how to use his Spider-Powers, because he just got into a body and wouldn’t know how to use them yet.” “Nuh-uh, he knows everything about powers, and he knows everything about the person, their memories and can even speak just like them, so NO ONE can tell the difference.” “That doesn’t make any sense. Well, at least Professor X or Jean Grey could see him.” “Nuh-uh! He’s completely immune to all telepathy, even the strongest telepaths can’t tell the difference! In fact, he doesn’t even have an astral presence. He’s something complete new and cool, that no one has done before.” “Yeah, well someone could make some technology to figure it out, like Tony Stark or Dr. Doom.” “Nuh-uh! He’s completely immune to ALL technology. Not even the Watcher can tell the difference!” “Well, no one is immune to magic, Dr. Strange could...” “Nope, magic doesn’t work on him at all, but even makes him stronger.” “LAAAAME”.