Marvel's Heroic Future: About To Be Spoiled By Giant Bulbous-Headed Monsters?

Marvel Comics may be promoting their upcoming plans as a new Heroic Age, but is there something else being sneakily teased for their big name heroes at the same time? Something oddly familiar...? Mild spoilers ahead.

At the end of the recently-released Captain America Reborn #6, we're given a glimpse into a possible future that Cap saw during his rescue from the timestream:


Weird floating alien things with big heads? And they've defeated all the superheroes? What's going on? And who's that guy glowing in the second-last panel? Maybe the answer to that last one is also the answer to "Why don't you see Iron Man anywhere?" From a dream sequence in The Invincible Iron Man #19:

Are those the same beasties threatening Cap's future America? And if so, how did Tony Stark's subconscious manage to offer such unsubtle-yet-factually-correct foreshadowing of what's to come? And more importantly, who's going to be responsible for turning Iron Man's inventions into some kind of alien organic killing machine?


First noticed by Marc-Oliver Frisch.

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