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San Diego Comic-Con’s preview night is upon us, unleashing hordes of fans into the halls of this year’s show for the first time and giving us our first look at some of the cool displays on hand. One of the coolest things we’ve seen so far? This ginormous, gosh-darn adorable Lockjaw at Marvel’s booth.


The humongous plush animal—inspired by the design of Lockjaw from the upcoming and terrible-looking ABC/IMAX Inhumans TV series—is sadly not for sale, but smaller versions of the teleporting dog-creature are for those who lucky enough to be in attendance. Seriously, though, just look at this cutie:


Who’s a good boy? HE’S A GOOD BOY. He’s also a much better boy than the Lockjaw we saw in the Inhumans trailer:

Okay, to be fair, TV Lockjaw is, if not a good boy, a decent boy. He’s still Lockjaw, after all. It’s just that we’re much more interested in teleporting with the plush one. 

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