What happens after the end of space war? For Marvel Comics' cosmic characters, the answer is Realm of Kings... and a hole in time and space that everyone wants to own. Anyone else getting Deep Space Nine flashbacks?

Announced at this weekend's Comic-Con Chicago, Realm of Kings - a sequel to the recently completed War of Kings - is the umbrella name for series taking place in the Marvel Comics version of outer space, following on from the creation of something called The Fault. Realm writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning explained to Comic Book Resources:

The Fault - the hole in time and space - has far reaching consequences for the galaxy as a whole. It is a universal crisis that could either represent a fundamental threat to the whole cosmos or be the source of untapped power and resources... Whatever it proves to be, there are many factions in the Marvel Cosmic Universe who want to explore and exploit its secrets and mysteries.


Amongst those factions, former X-Men aliens the Shi'Ar, and former Fantastic Four supporting characters, the Inhumans. But the B-list nature of the characters is one of the draws for Abnett and Lanning:

[F]or us, to actually be writing these characters and contributing to their stories, is our ideal gig. It's also given us a chance to reintroduce some classic characters back into the MU - folks like Starlord, Rocket Raccoon and the like, characters who aren't considered mainstays or vital to ongoing Marvel continuity, but that we've always loved. And because they're not primary Marvel characters, there's also a real sense of threat and danger to the stories we can write for them, as we are afforded a great deal more latitude to do whatever we want with them — within the bounds of reason and good taste, of course!

Realm of Kings launches in November.

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