Marvel is launching a giant Iron Man Extremis motion comic, which might be laying the groundwork for their upcoming film. Compare Extremis' trailer and stills to a screen shot from Iron Man 2, and you'll see the connection. Spoilers/speculation below.

Marvel's motion comic, which will be released on iTunes, Xbox Live, and Zune on April 16th, has released this trailer and a few stills:

As you can see, Tony is in a heap of trouble dealing with the Extremis super soldier serum. Meanwhile, in the a previous trailer for the new Iron Man 2 movie you can clearly see Tony suffering from an Extremis-like metal infection. Plus he is jumping out of planes, sans helmet... so how is he controlling his suit? This has all happened in the comics, so it's not totally out of left field. Is this new motion comic laying the ground work for the film, or at least attempting to explain the issues behind bio-engineered super-soldier serum?


The Marvel press kit also included two memos, sent to Marvel's legendary Dr. Maya Hansen. One is from Tony Stark, on Stark International letterhead and the other one is from Aldrich Killian, on Futurepharm stationary. The second one warns of the dangers of Extremis. They're intended to help flesh out the motion comic's plot, rather than pointing to the new movie. Then again, why include this very telling screen shot in the trailer?

Looks like Tony's got Extremis fever to us. Either way, we're excited about the comic, and it seems like a new way to get people unfamiliar with the source material up to speed.


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