Marvel's Big Cosmic Superteam Has a Wild New Boss

Ultimates² #1 cover by Travel Foreman

The Ultimates came together to safeguard the world from the biggest threats in the Marvel cosmos—and then Civil War II happened, some people got hit in the face with a chair, and eventually, the Ultimates disbanded. But the threats they faced never went away, and now they’re back in action... with a few twists.


Ultimates² is the continuation of the brilliant Ultimates series that kicked off last year from Al Ewing, Travel Foreman, Dan Brown, and Joe Sabino. It’s pretty much all about the former Ultimates members—Monica Rambeau, Captain Marvel, America Chavez, Blue Marvel, and Black Panther—trying to get on with their post-Ultimates lives, only for them each to discover they’re individually being plagued by dreams of... well:

The literal screams of the universe? Well, specifically, the screams of the imprisoned Eternity, the vastly powerful cosmic entity that is part of the fabric of Marvel’s multiverse. That seems like it’s a bad thing.

It’s bad enough that Black Panther is trying to get the band back together, meeting with Carol incognito in an attempt to unite the Ultimates team after he was responsible for tearing them apart. Carol doesn’t take that too well, but before they can disagree with each other, a bigger problem reveals itself: Long time Blue Marvel antagonist Anti-Man, who has already captured Blue Marvel and Monica and quickly makes short work of Carol and T’Challa.


Poor T’Challa. It turns out that Anti-Man isn’t conducting a nefarious plot, but bringing all the heroes together to meet his new boss— and theirs...


Remember that time, way back when Ultimates kicked off, when Galactus was turned from an evil world-eater into the Lifebringer, a benevolent being who enriched desolate worlds with life? Well, now he’s the big boss behind the Ultimates, and wants to turn them into his heralds (as he did Anti-Man) and task them with finding out who’s imprisoned Eternity. Captain Marvel is rightly skeptical that the destroyer of thousands of worlds is now seemingly a good guy, and initially refuses to fight for him, before it’s revealed that they won’t be lead by Galactus in the field.


Step forth America Chavez, the new leader of the Ultimates. Things are about to get very interesting, off in the far flung reaches of the Marvel cosmic!

[Marvel via CBR]


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