Marvel's Best Comic-Con Exclusive Is a Tribute to Asses

God bless America’s Ass.
God bless America’s Ass.
Image: Marvel
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Not just any rear, mind you. Instead, the finest America has to offer, with a bonus Age of Ultron gag for good measure!

Marvel’s revealed its whole slate of Comic-Con exclusives heading to San Diego next week, and naturally, a bunch of them are inspired by the events of Avengers: Endgame. Among the cavalcade of pins, exclusive variant comics covers, lanyards, and more, there are tons of t-shirts on offer. Many are general comics ones, inspired by your favorite heroes, but a few included are directly tied to the events of Endgame. A sobering “Love you 3000” shirt? They got it. The Asgardians of the Galaxy? It’s there.


America’s ass? Hell yeah.

Interestingly, Marvel only lets you glimpse the cheeky shirt based on Chris Evans’ iconic dialogue if you download the full catalog instead of simply browsing through the website. Unfair to hide what is a noble tribute to the most patriotic buns this side of Brooklyn from the common eye, but maybe it’s because the company wanted to try and sneak away what is handily the funniest of its SDCC shirts.


Sure, we always appreciate more Captain Marvel. That arc reactor lanyard inspired by Tony’s one from the films is as lovely as it is bittersweet. And those Skottie Young pins (the Spider-Verse set!) are awesome. But dread it, run from it, there is no stopping the inevitable: America’s ass on full display is easily the best of the merch this year.

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