Marvel Will Launch The Rise of Ultraman Comic Later This Year

Ultraman is so cool.
Ultraman is so cool.
Illustration: Ed McGuinness and Matt Wilson/ Marvel Comics

And the creative team is perfect.

Last year, we got news that Tsubaraya Productions, the company behind Ultraman, the granddaddy of tokusatsu, would be collaborating with Marvel to produce new comics for Western audiences based on the big monster-slaying costumed hero. Now, Marvel has revealed what that will look like in the form of The Rise of Ultraman, a new ongoing following the first and most iconic iteration of the hero. Written by Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and Mat Groom (Self-Made) with art by Francesco Manna (Avengers, Fantastic Four), The Rise of Ultraman’s will seek to introduce Ultraman to a whole new generation of fans while doing justice to classic stories.


What a fantastic choice for a team. Higgins is one of the people responsible for making Power Rangers into a viable and compelling comics phenomenon, and the choice of co-writer and artist just accentuate what makes Ultraman compelling.

“A few years ago, thanks to my time on Power Rangers, I was able to discover and learn more about Tokusatsu. With its wildly different conventions and inspirations, Tokusatsu — and Ultraman in particular — has been a huge source of joy for me,” Higgins said in Marvel’s press release. “It’s a genre so ripe with possibilities, even down to what we conceive of in the structure of Super Hero storytelling. It’s both an honor and a privilege to bring Ultraman to Marvel.”

He’s here to defend us!
He’s here to defend us!
Illustration: Ed McGuinness and Matt Wilson / Marvel Comics

Marvel also released some promo art, above, which does a great job of capturing the clean, sharp iconicism that’s made Ultraman so recognizable.

We don’t have a release date yet for The Rise of Ultraman #1, but it’s coming sometime this year. Get ready, citizens. He’s coming to help.

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Vince Pack

I hope this leads somewhere. I’ve always felt Ultraman has been grossly underrated.