Marvel Wants To Show You Spidey's Calling

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Feel like you need a visual ringtone for some of your friends? Marvel have got you covered - they've teamed up with mobile company Vringo to offer a new set of video ringtones showcasing Disney's favorite heroes.


Launching today, US visitors to Vringo's website can download video ringtones starring Spider-Man, the Hulk, Wolverine, the X-Men and many other characters for video-ready mobile devices (Well, aside from iPhones, but additional devices are said to be coming soon) for just $1.99 each. We have to admit; we're suckers for the old 1960s Marvel cartoon theme songs, so it's kind of tempting...

Marvel Video Ringtones [Vringo]

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Mighty Bomb Jack

X-Men (90s)! I'd set that ringtone to my boss, so the bad of him calling would be offset by the good of that theme song.