This October, Marvel will debut DeadpoolMAX, an R-rated take on the Merc with a Mouth from the creative team of writer David Lapham (Young Liars, Crossed: Family Values) and illustrator Kyle Baker (Plastic Man).

Over at Comic Book Resources' Cup of Joe column, Marvel's Vice President Executive Editor Axel Alonso announced the title and team:

And in October – drum roll, please — we're launching "DeadpoolMAX," by the creative team of David Lapham and Kyle Baker. For Immature Readers. We have a story to tell, and the only way to tell it is through MAX. Will it be sophomoric? Yes. Will it be fun? Yes. Will it be smart? Define smart. Will there be cameos by some of your favorite superheroes and villains? Yes...when I'm allowed to.


That's an interesting duo working on the title. Lapham is known for particularly brutal storytelling (anyone who's been reading Crossed recently can attest to that), whereas Baker's known for more light-hearted (but still madcap) takes on superheroes (see: his Eisner Award-winning Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter, in which a baby Clark Kent climbs into a microwave).

Sounds like a team right up Wade Wilson's alley! CBR also posted this Peter Bagge Deadpool strip, which may or may not be tied to the project, but is amusing nonetheless.


[Spotted on Bleeding Cool]