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Marvel: The First Hit Is Free (Or $1, At Most)

Illustration for article titled Marvel: The First Hit Is Free (Or $1, At Most)

A fan of the Iron Man movie and wondering where to start with the comics? Marvel has come up with a low cost way of introducing new readers to their books with the Marvel's Greatest Comics imprint.


Launching next March with a reprint of 2008's Invincible Iron Man #1, Marvel's Greatest Comics will reprint first chapters of critically-acclaimed series or storylines for just a dollar. According to Marvel's VP of Sales, David Gabriel:

We're proud of the books Marvel publishes and now not only are we giving retailers a great way to promote our top collections, but also giving consumers a chance to sample some of our top comics, maybe for the first time and at an unbeatable price.


After the Iron Man reprint (which, as a special launch promotion, will actually be free), the line will move onto the first issues of Ed Brubaker's Captain America run, Marvel's (incredible) new Wonderful Wizard Of Oz adaptation, J. Michael Straczynski's Thor and Garth Ennis' Punisher Max. Given the crossmedia opportunities afforded by all so far, we'd expect Spider-Man and X-Men before too long.

Illustration for article titled Marvel: The First Hit Is Free (Or $1, At Most)

Start Here with Marvel's Greatest Comics For Only $1.00 [Marvel]

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So is this just a reprinting of volume ones? Or are they planning on doing like a core arc?

To be honest price has never been as much of an issue as figuring out the order of series for me jumping into comics has been.

I'd love compilation books done kinda like manga books are. They take a series and combine all the chapters published put them in order and release them in books that are numbered based on the books not the series so you always know what the next volume is.

So I'd love if they took say ironman and did it either based on the character timeline or original publishing dates and then took say 10 or so issues and combined them into a book. And continued this way through the series.

Now i've seen books that look like compilations for certain characters, i think i saw one for spiderman and superman. But when i asked the store clerk if they were compilations from issue one or if they were just for an arc they couldn't answer me. And they wouldn't open it up as they looked more like collectors items then actually something for simply reading.

So does something like that exist and i just haven't found them? I'm really interested in Ironman and batman comics but just have no idea where to start on them.