Spider-Man may have gotten to be reinvented for Indian and Japanese audiences, but now it's time for some of his fellow Marvel Superheroes to feel the lure of international franchise building with the publisher's impressive new Marvel Anime project.


Announced prior to its launch at next week's San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Anime will see Marvel team with legendary Japanese animation studio Madhouse (Vampire Hunter D, Tokyo Godfathers, Death Note and many, many more) for four new television series based on well-known Marvel characters. The first two to be announced, Iron Man and Wolverine, are expected to start airing in Japan next year and are based on new takes by British writer Warren Ellis, who apparently enjoys re-imagining franchises for animation, having just performed similar duties on Hasbro's GI Joe: Resolute.

This won't be the first time Madhouse have worked on American properties; they contributed to DC's Batman: Gotham Knight movie and The Animatrix, and have even worked with Marvel before on the Hulk Vs. series.

More details on Marvel Anime will be revealed at Marvel's animation panel next Friday at San Diego Comic-Con.

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