Marvel Studios Settles In For Longhaul

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Worried that your favorite obscure Marvel superheroes might not make it to the big screen? Fear not; a report about Marvel's movie plans suggests that there'll be plenty more on their way soon.


Variety is reporting that the superhero farm is looking to hire five writers to work with executives and permanently rework their characters into movie-ready pitches; characters mentioned in the story included kung-fu hero Iron Fist, X-Men character Cable, and Batman-ripoff Nighthawk. The move comes after the success of last year's Iron Man, which apparently demonstrated to the studio that characters without the existing awareness of an X-Men or Spider-Man could, nonetheless, translate into big box office bucks. The writers will be on staff for a year, with an option to continue beyond that point, and are expected to be hired to start work on endless pitch production before the end of this year. And I thought we'd seen the end of the superhero movie glut...

Marvel's hiring writers [Variety]

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Heros for hire would work out, but not Cable. OMG how hard is it to explain him? And then you have to have another crappy xmen movie where he is born in it. Ya Dr Strange would be awesome, Nighthawk would be UBER EPIC FAIL, so how about Great Lakes Avengers movie?