Marvel Studios Gets New Co-President

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Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss... Well, kind of. Marvel yesterday named Louis D'Esposito as the new "Co-President" of Marvel Studios, meaning that he'll share current prez Kevin Feige's role as head honcho at the soon-to-be-Disney-fied studio.


Although his name may be unfamiliar to many, D'Esposito has been "President of Physical Production" for Marvel Studios since the beginning, overseeing the budget and timeline of Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and the upcoming Thor, Captain America and Avengers movies (Feige has called D'Esposito an "incredible friend and collaborator" in the past; we hope he still feels that way now that the two share job titles and responsibilities).

The most interesting part of this story is probably the questions it raises: Why does Marvel need a second Studio President now? Is Feige looking to take on more responsibilities elsewhere, or are we about to hear of an increased slate of post-Avengers plans already?


Marvel Studios appoints new co-president [Hollywood Reporter]

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And here I thought it was going to be Tony Stark. #ironman