Marvel Sees Double With New Hulk War

What happens when one World War Hulk isn't enough? Marvel plans to answer that in a new storyline spanning the Hulk franchise this December, as Jeph Loeb and Greg Pak team-up to write smash-filled sequel World War Hulks. Spoilers ahead.

Spinning out of this week's Incredible Hulk #600, the storyline - that will join Loeb's Hulk series with Pak's revived Incredible Hulk for its duration - follows Bruce Banner now that he is unable to become the Hulk ever again. According to Loeb, the de-Hulked Banner isn't the nerdy, nervous scientist we're familiar with, but a "kick-ass guy" trying to help the Hulk's son, Skaar, survive in a world where the mysterious Red Hulk has made life more uncomfortable for gamma-irradiated beings. Just to complicate matters, the storyline will also feature Loeb's newest creation, Red She-Hulk, due to debut soon in the Hulk series. "And if I'm not told you who Red Hulk is, I'm definitely not gonna tell you who Red She-Hulk is," Loeb joked.

World War Hulks begins in December's World War Hulks: Gamma, written by Loeb and drawn by John Romita Jr.


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