Marvel Plans To Take Pity On Your Pocketbook

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Fans feeling as if you have to buy every book that Marvel publishes in order to follow their favorite characters can take one piece of good news from the Mondo Marvel panel this afternoon: No more crossovers. Well, for awhile.

Asked whether or not Marvel's current Dark Reign branding and cross-continuity will lead into another line-wide crossover, Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said that Reign is the "third act" of a larger story that began with 2006's Civil War. Once that story is finished, individual series will be able to tell their own stories again:

That's not to say that books won't intertwine [but] we're going to focus more on individual titles and families for at least twelve months... You guys need a break, and to be honest, so do we.


That might be a short break, however; Quesada added:

When we do them, they sell very well.

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I am a rabid fanboy, but they have been saying this EXACT thing at conventions since 2006.

Sadly, I was all up in the civil war, but fell behind and now have pretty much given up. I think the biggest problem for me was that the comics I was reading, which were generally not Bendis comics, didn't build up to the big crossovers and I was kind of lost. Then paid a lot to get up to speed.

So now? I live vicariously through io9.