Marvel Offers Grief Counseling at Comic-Con for Fans Traumatized by the End of Infinity War

Group hug sessions are in at San Diego Comic-Con.
Photo: Germain Lussier/Gizmodo

In one of the more fun, tongue-in-cheek installations at San Diego Comic-Con this year, Marvel Studios has been offering help for fans who were “traumatized” by the tragic end of Avengers: Infinity War, and emotional support for those “devastated” by the loss of (half of) their favorite superheroes.

Fans can line up at a booth next to Petco Park in San Diego, put on a name tag, and enter an air-conditioned room where an actor who is there to talk with the group about their best memories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You get a donut, you watch a deleted scene from the Infinity War Blu-ray and then you get a t-shirt on the way out.


I went into one of these “Group Hug” sessions (named after the shooting title of the original Avengers) and the actor asked our group of 10-12 people a few questions. What’s your first memory of the MCU? What was something it did that surprised you? What was it like when you saw the end of Infinity War? Who was the most shocking loss? The fans in the room answered and then discussed their answers, and it really was kind of a nice little moment.

Exclusive spy image from a Marvel Group Hug session.
Photo: io9

Making the whole experience that much funnier too is both inside and out of the installation, there are posters offering fans positive affirmations in the form of classic MCU quotes. Here’s a gallery of all the posters.


Then, as you exit, you can also get a group hug photo from the Hulk.

Photo op.
Photo: io9

Of course, all of this is just to help promote the Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray on August 14 and the digital copy on July 31. Still, as far as Comic-Con promotions go, this is definitely one of the cleverest we’ve seen in quite some time.


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