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Marvel Just Scored The Ideal Director For Black Panther (UPDATED)

Illustration for article titled Marvel Just Scored The Ideal Director For iBlack Panther /i(UPDATED)

Update: has just confirmed that Creed director Ryan Coogler will be helming Black Panther, which opens February 16, 2018. Original story from December 4 follows.


Several months ago, director Ryan Coogler was rumored to be up for Marvel’s Black Panther movie. It didn’t pan out. Now though, after the success of his latest film Creed, it seems like he’s actually going to do it.

Birth Movies Death reports Coogler is in talks to direct the 2018 Marvel movie, which will star Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, the prince of Wakanda who doubles as the superhero. The character will first be introduced in next year’s Captain America: Civil War.


Coogler first hit the scene with 2013’s powerful drama, Fruitvale Station. He turned that success into his dream project, the Rocky-spinoff Creed and with that movie now a hit, it seems he’s moving on up to a big budget superhero movie.

Illustration for article titled Marvel Just Scored The Ideal Director For iBlack Panther /i(UPDATED)

The initial reports by BMD were backed up by all of the Hollywood trades, which reiterated negotiations were currently taking place for Coogler to direct the film. That means it’s only a matter of time before Marvel makes it official.

And now they have.

Black Panther is scheduled for release February 16, 2018.

[Birth Movies Death]

Image Credit: Marvel Studios, Warner Bros.

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Nothing against Boseman, but it’s too bad that Michael B. Jordan can’t play T’Challa, if only cause him and Coogler work really damn well together.

Plus, it’d be nice to see Marvel Studios give another Human Torch refugee from Fox’s F4 disasters a second chance.