Marvel Is Launching a New, Kids-Focused Take on Its Comics Universe

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

DC has had a roaring success with Superhero Girls, its female-focused take on some of its most beloved comics characters for young girls. Now Marvel is getting in on the kid’s market with a major new multimedia push—with heroes, male and female alike, revolving around Spider-Man.

Revealed today through The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Superhero Adventures will be a new multimedia brand aiming to get preschoolers into the world of Marvel. Like DC Superhero Girls before it, Superhero Adventures will kick off with a short form animated series—each episode of which will feature Spider-Man being teamed up with another Marvel superhero—before expanding into reading books and merchandise later this year. There’s no mention of comics just yet, but don’t be surprised if this makes the leap there too, given how well the Superhero Girl comics have worked out over at DC.

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It’s a smart idea, especially as currently Marvel’s childrens-focused output is pretty lacking. The movies are relatively family friendly, sure, but its current cartoons for a younger audience are still aimed older kids, and while there’s excellent all-ages comics out there like Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, or Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, most of Marvel’s output is for a decidedly more mature audience. Having a new umbrella of cartoons, books, and other media to introduce kids to these characters before other avenues open up as they get older makes a ton of sense.

The Marvel Superhero Adventures animated series is set to air on a currently unrevealed platform this Fall.

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