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A day after announcing who will play Thor, Marvel Studios have quietly unveiled who's going to play his half-brother, Loki. But don't think that unknown Tom Hiddleston isn't a key part of their longterm plans.


While Marvel's keeping mum about Loki's role in proceedings beyond 2011's Thor movie (Variety's report of Hiddleston's participation explains that Loki "uses his talents at sorcery to try to kill Thor, his more powerful brother, whom he resents"), Loki has been the character whose behind the scenes actions prompt the creation of the Avengers in both 1960s original and 2000s Ultimates flavors.

With Marvel Studios looking to cross-pollinate their movies, it stands to reason that he'll play at least some role in 2012's already-announced Avengers movie that'll bring Iron Man, Thor and Captain America together to fight a common foe. Personally, I'm hoping for an updated take on the original origin of the team, just because superheroes versus Hulk-under-the-influence-of-Loki sounds like my idea of a cinematic good time.

Branagh finds 'Thor's nemesis [Variety]

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