Marvel released two highly anticipated animated trailers in preparation for their cameos at San Diego Comic Con this year. First is the DVD movie Hulk Vs., which is exactly what it sounds like. The big green giant will be smashing the comic book characters Thor and Wolverine in an epic battle. Second is a trailer of the new Nicktoons animated teen Iron Man series, including teen War Machine.

Hulk Vs comes out on DVD in January 2009. Comic-Con goers will be treated to the first half of the Wolverine/Hulk fight at the Marvel panel. But more importantly, will this be the moment we get to see The Hulk rip smart-mouthed Wolverine in half comic book style? It's a cartoon, so maybe not. But we can dream can't we?

Iron Man Armored Adventures features teen Tony Stark in his Richie Rich years learning to appreciate humanity and working for a living fighting crime. How will he balance puberty and battling the evil Mandarin? Together with teen War Machine and little Pepper he fights evil across the globe. Here's hoping they address teen drinking super early in this series, so Tony can get an early start on his future demons.
The 26-episode series will premiere on Nicktoons in 2009.




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