Marvel Ends It All... Or Do They?

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Marvel Comics have released a teaser ad entitled "The End" - But can we work out just whose end it is based upon our knowledge of what happens afterwards?

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Although it doesn't say so anywhere on the ad itself, the image is for the final issue of Jeph Loeb's Ultimatum series, which has gleefully been killing off characters and wrecking landmarks in Marvel's "Ultimate" universe for the last few months - The date of 7/29/09 (The release date of Ultimatum's final issue) and recognizable style of series artist David Finch being the giveaways.

The biggest tease in the ad is really whose skeleton that is in the bottom right of the image... but fans could try to work out who it is based upon the already-released solicitations for the following months' series in the relaunched Ultimate line that follow in August and September: Ultimate Comics Avengers shows Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Nick Fury, while Ultimate Comics Spider-Man teases "maybe even a new Spider-Man", whereas series for both X-Men and Fantastic Four are entirely missing post-August. Would Marvel really permanently kill off books based on two of their biggest franchises, even in the alternate-reality "Ultimate" world? Apparently, we'll find out on the 29th.

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While X-Men and Fantastic Four are flagship books in the mainstream Marvel U, the same cannot be said of their Ultimate titles. Spider-Man and the Ultimates are the flagships here, and they're both continuing. Hell, the Ultimates are getting two titles. I'm just crossing my fingers that something good comes out of the ashes of Loeb's disaster.