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Marvel editor's tweet inspires webcomic starring Deadpool and Charlie Sheen

Illustration for article titled Marvel editors tweet inspires webcomic starring Deadpool and Charlie Sheen

You may have heard that beleaguered Hot Shots: Part Deux thespian Charlie Sheen has been having a bit of a strange time lately, what with his free verse interviews about tiger blood and warlocks and whatnot.


Anyway, last week Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso asked fans if they'd like to see a meeting of Sheen and Marvel's own in-house gadfly, Deadpool. Ben Christian and Cory Smith of the webcomic The Independents beat Marvel to the punch and produced their own version of this titanic team-up. The internet — it moves with alarming alacrity.

[Via Axel Alonso's Twitter]


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The idea that John Cryer is behind it all makes it all worth it...but Deadpool can't touch Charlie Sheen.