Marvel Comics Reboot Includes Two Wolverines

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Marvel Comics has been getting ready for a massive reboot of their comics universe, and in the last couple of days, they’ve released some teaser images that reveal just how different their world is going to get.

Just days after our first group shot, Marvel has released a second. In the latest teaser image, we’re treated to some surprises: The Thing boasts the logo for the Guardians of the Galaxy, while Starlord doesn’t appear to, Daredevil has a spiffy uniform, and it looks like we’ve got two Wolverines: Laura Kinney (X-23) boasting the traditional costume, and a much older Logan. The new, post-Secret Wars lineup looks like it’ll be an interesting mix.


We’ll find out in September how everything shakes out.

via IGN.

Art Credit: David Marquez

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After reading this article and the previous one, I can only assume that this is yet once again another attempt to make even more money off people by throwing out “new” ideas and hope the public buys it.

BTW: Did I miss seeing Black Widow in either of the articles? Amazing how a character that has been a driving force in the Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man movies has been given so little recognition.