Marvel Comics is ending... something. The newest promo in its relentless series of teases is an empty page bearing the words "Everything Ends" due spring 2015 — prior to summer 2015, when all those other rebooted/revisited series such as Planet Hulk, Armor Wars, etc. are supposed to hit.

Some people are speculating this heralds a complete reboot of the Marvel universe, but if Marvel was doing something that drastic I imagine they'd manage to make a promo page somewhat more exciting than this. Plus, it doesn't seem likely that the Marvel universe as we know it would end, and then Marvel would churn out all its classic hits immediately afterwards.

But enh, who knows. Marvel, I guess, but they're not telling. At any rate, until Marvel Comics finally explains what the fuck it is that they're doing, I see no cause for excitement or concern.

[Via IGN]