Marvel Comics Has A New Giant Man—And It's Not Hank Pym

Just before Marvel decided to shuffle up their comics with Secret Wars, the company put out Avengers: Rage of Ultron, a graphic novel that left current Giant Man Hank Pym in a decidedly ambiguous place in comics continuity. But the Ant-Man Annual sees a new Giant-Man step up: and it’s definitely not Hank Pym.


Ant-Man Annual #1, released this week to coincide with the debut of Ant-Man in theaters, takes place across two different time periods: the pre-Secret Wars Marvel universe and the future “All-New, All-Different” one the company will launch this October. In the past—and presumably before Rage of Ultron occurs—Hank Pym as Giant Man and Scott Lang as the current Ant-Man team up and foil a plot by Egghead to defeat the Avengers. The pair meet Raz Malhotra, a technician that unwittingly gets wrapped up in Egghead’s plot—but Raz actually has much more importance.

As the annual flashes forward in time, we get to see Raz at home with his partner, who gives Raz an unexpected package:

Looks like Hank Pym is out of the picture for the foreseeable future, if Scott’s offering the job to Raz. Outside of a brief period where former Goliath Bill Foster was Giant Man, the identity has pretty much owned by Hank Pym—and considering the particularly weird way he went out in Rage of Ultron, it’ll be interesting to see if Hank ever gets the job back from Raz. It wouldn’t be comic books without a bit of particular weirdness though!


But for now, just as Hank Pym is about to make his cinematic debut, say hello to Raz Malhotra: The new Giant Man.

[Via Bleeding Cool]


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