Marvel Attempts To Torpedo Their Own Success

With their comic book division controlling more than half of the comic market and their movie studio one of the most successful start-ups in industry history, you'd think that Marvel would be very protective of their characters and keep them away from anything that could dilute their strength. Apparently, you'd be wrong. Meet the Super Hero Squad, maybe the scariest way to introduce children to superheroes ever.Coming in January is Marvel's Super Hero Squad: Hero Up!, which brings the misshapen kids' toy versions of Marvel's most popular trademarks to comic books:

Experience the Marvel Universe like never before, as the heroes & villains of Super Hero City clash in epic confrontations! Take a stroll down to the Xavier Institute, past the FF's Baxter Building…but don't stray too far, because dastardly Doctor Doom's domain is the next block over…! Plus, learn more about your favorite heroes with bios and more! This issue ships with two covers—one featuring the heroes of SSH and the other featuring the villains! Also, don't miss the SUPER HERO SQUAD POSTER, featuring all the heroes and villains of Super Hero City! In 2009, comic book fans everywhere will be asking "Are You Ready To Hero Up?" and there's only one place to find the answers— SUPER HERO SQUAD: HERO UP! One-Shot!


What we can't understand is why the Super Hero Squad happens to look like this:

What is with the weird oversized heads and misshapen bodies? Do we really want our children to grow up thinking that Earth's Mightiest Heroes is made up of midgets and little people - and if we do, aren't they in for a bit of a shock when they graduate to the "regular" comic books and discover that the characters actually look like this?:


(That's the cover of Astonishing X-Men: All Interperative Dance, All The Time, due in January, by the way.) Marvel Announces Super Hero Squad: Hero Up! [Marvel]

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