Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man Movie Just Cast Zendaya in a Major, Mysterious New Role

Image credit: Rich Polk / Stringer for Getty Images
Image credit: Rich Polk / Stringer for Getty Images

Of course we have Tom Holland, and Marissa Tomei’s Aunt May already, but the cast of Sony’s new Spider-Man reboot is largely unknown at this point. We’ve just got confirmation of one more though: Singer/actress Zendaya Coleman has joined the film as what is purportedly the female lead.

Coleman, known mononymously as Zendaya, has been cast as a character known only as “Michelle,” according to Deadline. There’s no other details on the character at all, other than a claim that she is not the romantic interest for Peter Parker—so she’s probably not a new incarnation of Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson. However, there is a Michelle that has been part of Peter’s life in the comics before—most notably Michele Gonzales, who was Peter Parker’s roommate and first appeared during Marc Guggenheim’s Amazing Spider-Man run.

Whether or not Zendaya is playing Michele Gonzales or a completely new character for the film, it’s honestly kind of refreshing to hear some casting news for that isn’t just one of the same group of core Spider-Man characters we’ve seen over and over again.


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Does it make sense for Peter to have a roommate at this point if he’s still in High School and still living with Aunt May?

Something’s up.