Marty McFly's Sneakers Take You Back to the Future

If Robert Zemeckis has anything to say about it, by 2015, we should all be riding around on hoverboards in our self-lacing Nikes. But just in case industry lags behind science fiction, The Movie Shop is offering replicas of Marty's famous shoes, as well as other products from 2015. The may not be the most functional items, but they'll keep you looking fashionable in the 80s retro-future.Marty's 2015 Trainers


A far cry from the “Air McFlys” Nike released this past summer, these replicas don't powerlace, but they do have that pleasant DeLorean glow. At $607.43, you'd hope you could wear these sneakers for a night on the town, but they are sadly listed as “non-wearable.” Kirk Gibson Jr. Slugger 2000

The official slambat of quasi-fictional LA Dodger Kirk Gibson Jr., this telescoping bat is ideal for future crime. $173.54. Hoverboards


Hoverboards are available in Pitbull or Mattel. Neither will get you off the ground, but the Mattel version features a footloop and the Pitbull has extendable rockets. $260.32. [via Fashionably Geek and Topless Robot]

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