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Martin Scorsese's first Hugo trailer is full of steam-powered wonders... including a dragon!

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Martin Scorsese seems like a most unlikely candidate to offer you something to alleviate your Harry Potter withdrawal. And yet, the first trailer for Scorsese's Hugo positively screams "Hogwarts Methadone."


It's full of beautiful imagery, funny moments... and yes, sense of wonder. With lots and lots of steam. The clockwork robot with the heart-shaped keyhole looks even more beautiful than we'd dared hope. And it appears that Chloe Moretz is capable of being neither creepy nor profane, and yet still awesome. Who knew?

This movie is based on The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, a children's book that's loosely about the life of Georges Méliès, who made A Trip to the Moon, one of the first science fiction movies.


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Ok but will Cohen twirl his schlang around like in Bruno? Sorry, even more so than Borat, I will always think of Bruno when I see Cohen.