Martha Wayne Hates Seeing Herself Die Over and Over Again

If you’re sick and tired of repeatedly seeing pearls snap off a necklace and the bodies of Bruce Wayne’s parents slumping to the cold, grimy concrete of Park Row, just imagine how Martha Wayne feels. That’s right: she hates it and says as much in a spoofy fake commentary track for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“No one wants to see this and I don’t want to deal with it over and over...” That’s Batman’s mom reacting to the ol’ pearls-and-pain sequence in a Cracked comedy sketch where Marthas Wayne and Kent watch Zack Snyder’s 2015 superhero brawl. There’s a lot of apologizing for manners, maternal worries and confusion about why their boys are fighting. “I try to tell Bruce that all the time, ‘You’re a superhero. You should be trying to make people happy!’ But, of course, everything has to be all dark and brooding with him.” I wonder how Mrs. Wayne is going to feel about Justice League...

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