Martha Washington Goes To The Movies

With The Spirit under his belt and Buck Rogers waiting in the wings, will Frank Miller return to his own creations for a third attempt at movie direction? Watchmen's Dave Gibbons says maybe.

Doing promotional interviews for next year's Watchmen movie, Gibbons hinted that there may be a movie in the offing for his co-creation with Miller, Martha Washington:

Frank's enjoying a certain amount of success in Hollywood and I wouldn't be surprised if something happens with that. I think that would make a great movie. People misunderstand Frank, they think he's very grim and right-wing, but he's got his tongue very firmly in his cheek. Martha Washington is a war story but it's quite satirical and I think has a strange resonance with what's happening in the world today.


If there is any way that we can make this happen - and bring the series' oddball collection of characters, like "the Aryan Thrust," an all-gay neo-Nazi terrorist organization, to a wider audience - then we must do it. I'm not saying that it may break Miller's strange cache in Hollywood (I think The Spirit's box office and reviews are likely to do that, to be honest), but the very idea of Give Me Liberty managing to make it to the big screen unscathed is so unlikely that I think it's almost our duty to try and make it happen.

Dave Gibbons [Digital Spy]


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