Mars Invades Earth With X-Rated Movies: Hear For Yourself!

Bizarre, pornographic silent movies turn up, allegedly made in 1911 — and then they start to feature uncannily real-looking Martians and other creatures straight out of Edgar Rice Burroughs' stories. The bitchy, demented story "The Film-makers Of Mars" could only be the work of Geoff Ryman (Air). It was published at a while back, but now you can hear Ryman himself read it on the Starship Sofa podcast, and it gains a whole extra layer of snark in his own voice. You really need to hear Ryman discuss shaved pubes on Mars. Why? Because it's Saturday, and that's what one does on Saturdays. [Starship Sofa, via Books On Mars]


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I'll have you know my Saturdays are spent alone murmuring to myself as I WRITE martian porn. Reading is on SUNDAYS!