Mark Waid's Thrillbent store lets you own the comics you buy online

The Thrillbent shop is open for business! The online store offers the titles from Waid's Thrillbent comics label, including its flagship series Insufferable, but with a twist — when you buy these comics, you can get actually get the full file... DRM-free.

This is of course in contrast to online comics distributors like Comixology, which allows people purchase and view comics online — but not download them. Says Waid on the Thrillbent blog:

Digital comics distributors like Comixology and iVerse continue to be great and valuable partners to us, and our comics will remain for sale through those platforms, as well. I get fully that there are plenty of comics readers who value the convenience of cloud-based services like the ones they offer (and–value-add for us–we genuinely like the people who run those companies). But we hear constantly from readers who prefer to own and collect the comics and files they buy so they’re accessible with or without an internet connection, and we’re happy to oblige.


Thrillbent offers the comics in the cloud-accessed CBZ file form, but purchasing the PDF version gets you "exclusive bonus content designed specifically for each comic, including new covers, clickable hotlinks, behind-the-scenes essays and art, and more," according to Waid.

The store currently offers The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood, Pax Arena, The Eighth Seal, Moth City, the kid-friendly Aw Yeah Comics!, and of course Insufferable, which is currently "pay as you will," which Waid hopes readers will chip in for quality stories. "We’ll do the work; you determine its value," explains Waid "If we’ve done a good job, everyone will win and we can expand this model across the Thrillbent line. I’ll let you know how the first few weeks goes."

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