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Mark Wahlberg Could Have Been Shooting Kids In Kick-Ass

Illustration for article titled Mark Wahlberg Could Have Been Shooting Kids In Kick-Ass

Nic Cage wasn't the only one courted for the role of Kick Ass' trigger-happy Big Daddy, in fact Mark Wahlberg could have been the lucky actor pumping bullets into his "daughter's" chest. And check out new Big Daddy Concept art.


Mark Millar talked to Comic Book Resources about the "making of" book, Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie, coming in February from Titan Books:

Having already seen the finished "Kick-Ass" movie six times, Millar shared some details that will be found inside the Titan title with CBR News, like the fact that Daniel Craig and Mark Wahlberg were also considered for the part of Big Daddy and that Kick-Ass wasn't even the original star of the comic.


I can't even imagine Mark Wahlberg being able to take the role of Big Daddy seriously. And on balance, we're still pretty glad it's Nic Cage. Who else blends human psychosis and fatherly love ever so perfectly?

Millar also explained what the second volume of Kick-Ass (and possibly the second movie, if the first one does well enough) will be called, and when to expect it:

The working title is "Balls to the Wall," and we're thinking about launching it round about San Diego time, right around August. But to avoid delays, we'd like to stockpile a few issues, I think.

Plus they have a load of new Kick-Ass concept art from the new movie book, as seen above and below. More images at CBR.

Illustration for article titled Mark Wahlberg Could Have Been Shooting Kids In Kick-Ass

[Comic Book Resources]

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I posted this in the last thread, but it was too late (or it wasn't that interesting), and I'm legitimately curious, not just making a point.

Does anyone other than me think that having a nine-year-old girl in full wide-release live-action glory killing and slicing up people left and right is going to get a lot of bad press reaction?

I realize there are a lot of mores that have been shredded over the years, but I just wonder if this one is going to hook on something.