Mark Strong wore full Sinestro makeup and prosthetics on the Green Lantern set

Green Lantern looks like it's all CG and motion capture, all the time. But one of the main characters in the film is wearing full practical makeup and prosthetics, at least on his face.

Check out these photos of Mark Strong in his mo-cap suit as Sinestro, with full face makeup. It took Strong hours in makeup, because Sinestro has to look immaculate and clean, as the most perfectionist of the Green Lanterns. "Not too many people realize he wore several prosthetic appliances," says prosthetics makeup effects supervisor Richie Alonzo. You can also see several rejected designs for Sinestro's face and hair.


These images come from a new art book, Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen, published by Universe Publishing. And it's chock full of awesome pictures of the creature design and effects from the movie. Check out some of the coolest creature design images here, from the Parka Blogs review of the book. More at the link. [Parka Blogs]


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