Mark Sheppard and Jim Beaver tell us what to expect from season eight of Supernatural!

Supernatural comes back tonight, and we're pumped up to see how Sam and Dean are reunited after the huge cliffhanger ending at the end of season seven. We caught up with Mark Sheppard, who plays the demon Crowley, and Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby, to get some hints about what's in store.


First of all, Mark Sheppard told us that the uneasy truce between Crowley and the Winchesters is coming to an end. Both Crowley and the Winchesters want the same thing this year, and this is going to lead to some Raiders of the Lost Ark-style quest action. "There could be a problem when the boys and Crowley want the same thing."

And Sheppard explained that "Crowley is what happens when you're not paying attention. When you're not watching the ball, Crowley will come and take the ball."

We also asked Sheppard whether Canton would be back on Doctor Who — and Sheppard says he hasn't worked on season seven, but if Steven Moffat calls, he'll be there in a second. He spoke glowingly about the joys of working with Matt Smith (at which point, Matt Smith magically appeared. It really was sort of like magic.) "It was a truly amazing moment for me to be part of something that was so big a part of my childhood. But to be in the custody of someone like Matt, who is just so fabulous as the Doctor... was just such a lovely experience. His character is so warm and gentle." He enjoyed the fact that Canton is the second-smartest person in the room — because he knows the Doctor is the smartest.

And now, for the rest of his life, Mark Sheppard can wander up to anyone dressed as the Eleventh Doctor and straighten his or her bow tie.

We also caught up with Jim Beaver, who refused to say whether Bobby would be back — in any form — this season. We asked if Bobby could possibly be an angel, and he said he could definitely rock the wings better than the guy who currently occupies that slot. "Nasty-el, or whatever his name is." But his lips were pretty tightly sealed about Bobby's fate — even after we suggested that Bobby could come back as the voice of the Winchester's talking car, like KITT in Knight Rider. Beaver wasn't happy with the idea of people no longer being able to admire his great hair.

As far as what's going on this season, Beaver said:

I think they've got a big bad lined up for this season. I don't know what it is. I think there may be a little bit more of the first season "monster of the week" stuff. But I think there's going to be an overall task for the boys, and maybe for some of the other people on this show as well.


And we asked if this is the year that Bobby finally gets a full-blown romance. He responded: "I think nothing spurs one's romantic urges like being dead." But he also said that he'd like to see the romance with the Sheriff developed somehow — "they set up a really great thing with Bobby and the Sheriff. And I still feel like there's something to be discovered about that. But I gotta come back to life first."

We spoke to Mark Sheppard and Jim Beaver at the Entertainment Weekly party at Comic Con.




Charlie - are you gonna recap this season? You guys kinda stopped recapping last season (I don't blame you). But this one should be interesting.

I miss your weekly bromantic updates.