Mark Millar's writing a sequel to the post-apocalyptic Wolverine tale "Old Man Logan"

On his Millarworld forums, Mark Millar recently announced that he's plotted out a sequel to "Old Man Logan," his best-selling Wolverine arc that featured a geriatric Logan and Hawkeye cruising in the Spider Buggy, a symbiote-clad T-Rex, and inbred Hulks.

"Old Man Logan," which ran in Wolverine from 2008-2009, depicted a dystopian America in which the Marvel Universe's supervillains have bested the heroes. Wolverine, who lives an unassuming life off the radar with his family, owes back rent to the redneck Hulk Gang and must road-trip to Washington, DC with his blind pal Hawkeye. Millar had this to say about the sequel:

It opens with this insane Spidey flashback which pretty much sets the tone [...] Of course, it's still got to be formally pitched to Marvel so this isn't an announcement by any means. I'll talk to them this week and see what they think, but the first one did so many printings of each issue. I think we averaged around 120,000 copies per book in the end and trade sales were amazing so it should be fine.


Part Western, part What If, and part gonzo fan-fiction experiment, Old Man Logan was exceedingly bonkers, what with scenes of Venom as a dinosaur...

...Ultron flouncing about like C-3PO...


...and the Hulk breeding with She-Hulk. Clean family fun!


[Spotted on Bleeding Cool]

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