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Mark Millar Teases Next Wanted?

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Wanted is on-course to be one of the most successful R-rated movies ever: Its opening weekend was the most successful June opening for an R-rated movie, and the sixth-most successful R-rated opening in history. Now the original comic book's creator Mark Millar is talking about what to expect from the future of the Fraternity in light of the movie's success.


Updating fans on his Millarworld messageboard this weekend, Millar explained the Hollywood math surrounding the movie:

[H]ere's the deal... had this movie's opening weekend hit 30 million then we would have a sequel. Had it hit 35 I'm told that's a franchise. Advance tracking yesterday suggested we could be looking at 40. But after Friday night it looks like opening weekend could be upwards of 50 MILLION DOLLARS, with the movie scoring as high with women as men (unusual for an action movie, oddly, as all the girls I know love action movies). I thought we'd be in trouble up against that wee robot guy, but everything's going great.

As producers as well as creators, this obviously delights JG [Jones, co-creator of the comic] and I. We're discussing the idea of the overseas Fraternity led by Mister Rictus making a play for the US territory Morgan Freeman left behind (ie, the middle section of the book), but this is nothing more than chat at the moment. Nothing will be greenlit until final weekend numbers are in. It's all looking very, very good, though. Thanks for supporting us with your hard-earned dollars.


At time of writing, the movie looked set to have earned upwards of $51 million dollars on its opening weekend, which probably translates into "massive franchise you'll be sick of four movies later" or something.

Wanted's Opening Weekend Set To Break Records [Millarworld]

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Certainly looking forward to the DVD! Not very often I think "I'm digging the Hell out of this movie" while in the theater.