Mark Hamill will always be the Joker we want and deserve. This time, he’s back for an animated direct-to-video version of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke. To be honest, can anyone else really fill his shoes for that famous a story?

At this point, Hamill’s career as the Joker is like a comic book character: oft-announced, but curiously impermanent. He came back for Batman: Arkham Knight and now he’s back for this.

Collider adds the tidbit that, shortly after Hamill tweeted that he wanted to be in The Killing Joke, he finished doing the recording.

The animated film was announced by Bruce Timm at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, with Timm saying “Next year we’ll be back at this table.” This will be the first time the story — iconic for both it’s version of the Joker’s backstory and his brutal assault on Barbara Gordon — has been directly adapted into the animated universe.


[via Entertainment Weekly]

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