Mark Hamill Will Be The Trickster Again On The New Flash Series

Mark Hamill is set to reprise one of his most iconic roles, and I'm not talking about Luke Skywalker. Hamill will return to the role of the Trickster, the maniacal supervillain he played on the original 1990 Flash TV series, on the CW's new Flash show. That's awesome.

Why is this awesome? Well, mostly because Mark Hamill is awesome. But also because his Trickster was the best villain on the classic Flash series by a country mile, and it'll be great to see him back in the role. It'll also be cool to see how the new Flash re-envisions the Trickster, if at all. In the original show, he was basically a crazier version of the Joker from the '66 Batman series — it'd be neat to see the new show take him someplace darker (metaphorically speaking; I'll be very disappointed if he isn't wearing something insane and brightly colored).


Hamill is the third original Flash star the new show has brought back. If Richard Belzer ever makes a guest appearance, I'm going to lose my mind.

[Via Hitflix]

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