Mark Hamill Does Not Think Ajit Pai Would Make A Good Jedi

Ajit Pai, via Associated Press.
Ajit Pai, via Associated Press.

Recently, Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the FCC, invoked Star Wars in celebrating his successful bid to repeal extant net neutrality laws. And Mark Hamill, donning his Master Skywalker robes at least in spirit, did not approve.

Taking to Twitter, Hamill called Pai out for playing with a lightsaber in his Daily Caller video, wherein he dances to “Harlem Shake” alongside Daily Caller staffers, because his understanding of memes is as archaic as his policy ideas. Here’s what Hamill had to say about that:


It’s not the first time Hamill has used his resume to intervene in conservative politics this year—in January he gave voice to select tweets of President Trump as The Joker. Comparing harsh political realities to fiction can be tricky; do it wrong and you risk trivializing or muddying the lines of real, serious problems. But Hamill does a nice job of staying on the better end of that line, using his fictional histories to point out the authentic bad things done by people who suck.

Also, we learn a fabulous fact about Mark Hamill, thanks of an intrepid Twitter interlocutor, inspired by his Pai call out. Does Mark own a Star Wars themed fidget spinner?

Good to know. Good to know.

UPDATE 2:28PM 12/17/17:

Ted Cruz responded to Hamill, and Mark got salty:



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Eustache Dauger

Pai wouldn’t make a good Jedi. He wouldn’t make a good almost anything, really. His talents basically only lend themselves to being a shill, a lapdog, or a piñata.