Mark Hamill Brings Trademark Creepy Laugh To Arkham's Joker

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The Joker was the most memorable character in Batman: The Animated Series, thanks to the voice of Luke Skywalker. Now uber dark Arkham Asylum game is working with Hamill to guarantee the chills.

Eidos and Warner Bros’ video game Batman: Arkham Asylum is certainly trying to guarantee the good by bringing on Mark Hamill to voice The Joker. Hamill has already proven himself, first as the new hope and later as a pretty stellar voice work actor for Batman: The Animated Series in the 90s and on.


Gravely voiced Kevin Conroy, who was recently in Gotham Knight, along with amazing past work on the animated series, will also be working the voice as the Batman himself. Should be fantastic, as Conroy really nailed the best Bat-voice in my book of angry whispers. (Certainly better than Christian Bale's Springsteen-with-a-cold growl.)

Check out this showcase of the many laughs of Hamill's Joker from Batman: The Animated Series:

[The Force]


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OMG, he did the laugh. My day has just hit the awesome point. Batman: TAS's Joker was always my favorite. No offense to Nicholson and Ledger, but in my heart, Mark Hamill will always be Joker... and Luke Skywalker... and Captain Stickybeard from Codename: KND. lol