Marisa Tomei Is Marvel's New Spider-Man's New Aunt May

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As San Diego Comic-Con begins, we also get our first superhero movie casting. First up, Marisa Tomei has been cast as Spider-Man’s new aunt, filling the role once held by Sally Field and Rosemary Harris. Um, does anyone see a pattern here?


Marisa Tomei is currently 50. Sally Field was 66 when she played Aunt May in 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man, and Harris was 75 when Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man histtheaters. Keep this up and I’m worried Kate Upton will be asking Peter if he wants some wheatcakes in 2025 or so.

[Via Variety]

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To be fair, 50’s a pretty reasonable age for a teenager’s aunt. I always thought May seemed more like Parker’s grandmother than aunt/mother in the Raimi films.