Margot Robbie Says She's Working on Her Own Separate Harley Quinn Solo Movie

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

There’s no doubt Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was the standout character in Suicide Squad. It’s why, since then, we’ve heard the character will not only be in Suicide Squad 2, but possibly a Gotham City Sirens movie as well as a Harley and Joker movie. But the actress is reportedly working on a fourth Harley movie that has nothing to do with any of those.


Robbie spoke to MTV about the project, which she says she’s been working on for two years and is unrelated to the other projects that have been discussed. Watch the clip.

Robbie has definitely spoken about various Harley projects before, but with so many in play, it seemed likely she was referring to something that had already been leaked. But the way she says it here, all of these projects, including this mysterious solo take, are in various stages of development and any one of them could come out before the others—which, you have to think, would help determine anything that followed.

This comes on the heels of Robbie saying she thinks she’ll be playing the character next year. So you have to wonder, which project will that be in?

Oh, and don’t forget she might also provide Harley’s voice for a new streaming show.



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My respect for her has really been growing lately. I can’t find the clip or article, but she says she’s started her own production company and has I think four flicks on the table that she will star in herself to have the company move forward (I Tonya for starters), but then just take on the producer’s mantle after that. She’s young and obviously very smart; great business head on her shoulders. Hey, if you can’t land or find the gigs you want, make your own production house and make em yourself. I seriously think this iteration of Harley will be coming out sooner than we think if it’s under her hands.