The crew.
The crew.
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It’s the question everyone to ever star in a superhero movie is inevitably asked: what about the crossover potential? Could you see your character hanging out with this other character? Generally, these are silly nonsense questions, and I regularly wonder if anyone actually enjoys answering them. But at least Margot Robbie makes them fun.


This one, in particular, got a legitimate laugh out of me. Asked in an interview with Capital FM promoting Birds of Prey about a potential crossover between her Harley Quinn and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, Robbie said that, no, she didn’t think so.

“I think they exist in two very different worlds, Todd Phillips’s Gotham and this Gotham – very different. I don’t know how you’d bridge that gap. She’d drive him insane,” Robbie said. “She’d be on the other side of the fridge, like ‘here.’ ‘J-puddin, whatcha doin?’ And he’s like ‘’I just need a minute, I’m going through a lot of shit.’”

What I like about this answer is how it highlights the comically self-serious separation between Joker and every other kind of DC movie out there. In all other instances, Warner Bros. has moved away from that sort of seriousness. This Joker could never hang out with Harley Quinn. Or Superman. And especially not Shazam. Reality would just collapse entirely.


Birds of Prey is in theaters February 7, 2020.

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