March Movie Madness the Final Four: Empire Vs. Star Wars

Alasdair Wilkins and Meredith Woerner

This is it, it's the final countdown. We are officially in the final four. Serenity beat Terminator to slip into the final four against Blade Runner. But we're only doing one match up today: Star Wars Vs. Empire. BRING IT.

Which George Lucas film deserves the title as the greatest science fiction film of the io9 March Movie Madness bracket? The film that started it all, or movie that legitimized sequels? Which Star Wars is the best? Fight it out in the comments, but don't forget to vote. Friday, Serenity takes on Blade Runner.


As always, the choice is yours. Here's a reminder for the rest of the tourney schedule:

TODAY: Final Four (Round 1)
Friday, April 1: Final Four (Round 2)
Monday, April 4: Championship

Full bracket with the winners and losers tabulated.


Smaller Bracket.

Vote for the film you WANT to win. Polls close at 11 PM PST.


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