Manimal is going to be a CG movie

Illustration for article titled emManimal/em is going to be a CG movie

Remember the short lived 80s series Manimal, about a man who can turn into an animal? (Of course you don't.) Welp, it's getting its own movie.


THR is reporting that Sony Pictures has decided to turn yet another TV series into a movie — and this one is about a man that can turn into a cat. The main character's name is Dr. Jonathan Chase, and he uses his skills of animal-morphing to fight crime, as you do. It was canned after 8 episodes. We don't know, maybe this will be like 21 Jump Street, which was funny. But it's still going to be a weird CG hybrid, so who knows? We can depend on plenty of CG cat face.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I remember this.

I remember it was bad.

I don't remember ever thinking "this would be a good movie."