Though certain Western politicians may act like supervillains, you'd be hard-pressed to find one who admits to digging comic books. Not so in Japan, where the love of manga runs deep: Meet 67-year-old Taro Aso, who in addition to being a hardcore conservative (despite being part of the Liberal Democratic Party), totally digs comics. Last year, following the resignation of prime minister Shinzo Abe (after a series of small scandals), manga-associated stocks spiked in anticipation of Aso's ascent. Now, in wake of a second prime minister Yasuo Fukudo handing in his walking papers, Aso is again the favored successor. The fallout: stocks for "manga publishers, cartoon animators, toymakers," experienced yet another speedy upswing, says the Times Online. When Aso was Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs, he set up the International Manga Award for non-Japanese who create manga. So what could this pro-manga fervor mean for Aso's possibly-maybe administration? Gekiga-style leader portraits? A more whimsical environmental policy? The appointment of Tezuka Osamu to Minister of Science? The mind boggles! Image courtesy of Fanboy. [via the Times Online]


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