Manga Creator Osamu Tezuka's Newly Discovered Sexy Mouse Art

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The daughter of Osamu Tezuka, legendary creator of Astro Boy, Black Jack, and Buddha, recently discovered some of her father's locked away sketches, including a handful of drawings of a rather voluptuous mouse.

RocketNews24 explains that when Tezuka passed away in 1989, he left behind a locked desk whose key had gone missing. Recently, his daughter Rumiko Tezuka opened the desk and found some previously unseen gems, including sketches of the heroine of his Marvelous Melmo:


But she wasn't familiar with the mouse character from these drawings. According to RocketNews24's translation, she tweeted, "I’ve got no idea what these were going to be used for."

Certainly nudity is not uncommon in Tezuka's work, and it looks like this particular character's figure offered a bit of visual humor; after all, it looks like she's been swallowed by (or is turning into?) the snake over there on the left. Was this a character Tezuko was working on for a longer work, or just something he drew in private as a bit of sexy fun?

Daughter of Osamu Tezuka, God of Manga, discovers his stash of hand-drawn sexy mouse artwork [RocketNews24]


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Ron Miller

Reminds me a little of how Carl Barks used to amuse himself...